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Effective Automatic Boom barrier System

By December 26, 2018 March 14th, 2019 Uncategorized

Automatic boom barriers is one of the essential part as security point of view. These days Security is the most important task to protected commercial and domestic properties. By connecting Automatic boom barriers, one can intensification the privacy and security of their stuff by positive or rejecting entry to vehicles. Automatic boom barriers are used to control vehicular platform on places where access control is necessary to confirm that only approved personnel can access the positions. Boom barrier systems offer genuine security at both entry and exit points of industries, interplanetary lots, housing areas.

Automatic boom barrier used to distinguish and control the flow of traffic. These barriers are also used to control the flow of traffic, if your parking area is full, or it’s in secure then boom barriers can stop additional entry of vehicles. Automatic Boom Barriers are perfect answer for a totally safe access control of average to high transportation circumstances which always want access control to confirm that only official person can enter or exit.


  • Ensures quick opening and closing of the barrier
  • Observer illegal entries
  • Gate barriers are ready up of best quality materials
  • Boom barriers can also monitor and record the details of every single vehicle that enters and leaves your property.

Significance of Daceess’s Automatic boom barriers:

  • Highly flattened in size has an extremely silent operation
  • Well-made steel get-together with scratch-proof coating strong to harsh weather situations
  • Combination possible with wide range of fixtures and all kinds of access control systems
  • Extremely reliable and preservation free.
  • Physical release in case of power failure. Battery backup facility in select models

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