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Boom Barrier Gates

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Boom Barrier Gates

Boom Barrier GatesSecurity has become extremely important today in residential, commercial as well as shopping complexes. In the recent years, several kinds of security systems have come up in the market. Each one of them has a different function. While some are used for recording the information of the visitors, there are others that are used for restricting the entry of people. At the entrance of several residential buildings and commercial complexes, one would have seen different types of security gates to control the entry of visitors. One such gate is the boom barrier gates.


Boom barrier gates are seen at various places like at the entrance of residential and commercial buildings, toll booths, departmental stores, shopping malls, etc. They consist of a pole that blocks vehicles. The purpose of these gates is to stop the entry of vehicles to collect information of the visitor or to check the vehicle before it is let in. At toll booths, this gate is used to restrict the vehicle from driving on before paying the toll fee. DACCESS or Digital Access Control System is one of the leading companies that manufactures boom barrier gates.


DACCESS is a company that offers customized Boom barrier gates. Every place has a different requirement in terms of space. The length of the pole would differ from one place to another. DACCESS manufactures boom barrier gates as per the requirement of the client.

Apart from this, the boom barrir gates are available in two forms. One is manual boom barrier gates and the other is automatic boom barrier gates. Manual boom barriers gates are the ones that are commonly seen in housing and commercial complexes as they are not only easy to install but are easy to use too. On the other hand, automatic boom barriers gates come with a lever and a DC motor. These can be manoeuvred using hand held transmitters. Moreover, when there is no electricity, they can be operated manually too.


As the boom barriers gates are kept in the open, they have to endure various climatic conditions. Hence, they are manufactured using materials that are durable and long lasting. They are made using aluminium and stainless steel and are powder coated to prevent scratches. The boom barrier gates is painted in white and red coloured stripes.

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