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DACCESS is tripod turnstile gates suppliers as per the requirements of the clients.

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Tripod Turnstile Gate In several public places like shopping malls, corporate buildings, metro stations, etc. there are chances of people trying to enter or exit the complex in a hurry. This can cause a lot of pushing, pulling and other such problems at the entrance. This is the reason why you would find a barrier at most of these places. Tripod turnstile gate is one such barrier that helps to control the flow of a heavy crowd.
The Tripod Turnstile Gate has three arms which rotate each time it unlocks. The three arms are kept at a 45o angle which is considered to be ideal and spaced in such a way that it is easy for one person to move at a time from this Tripod Turnstile Gate. If a person wants to go through the Tripod Turnstile Gate, he or she has to punch in a ticket, identity card or a pass card, as per the requirement of the place. When the horizontal arm rotates, another comes at its place. At places where there is no need to punch in a ticket or identity card, people can pass through the Tripod Turnstile Gate by pressing a push button. Other than this, manual tripod turnstile gates are also available.
The tripod turnstile gates can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. Subways, stadiums, large venues, airports, metros, stores, etc. are the places where you would usually see Tripod Turnstile Gate. They are also extremely useful if you want to count the number of people entering or exiting a place on a daily basis.
The reason why the Tripod Turnstile Gate are used is because it is easy to install and simple to use too. Moreover, these Tripod Turnstile Gate are the most economical way of keeping control of large crowds. These are ideal for places where the crowd cannot be controlled manually.
DACCESS is a company that manufactures tripod turnstile gates as per the requirements of the clients. we are also knwon as leading Tripod Turnstile gates suppliers We have customized different types of Tripod Turnstile Gate at both indoor and outdoor locations.

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