Case Study

Case Study for DAccess- Concerning Multiple Products & Services rendered to Sandvik Asia – Pan In

Executive Summary

Sandvik is a large engineering corporation that manufactures and sells products & services related to metal cutting, mining tools, various super hard materials, furnace products, industrial processing systems & more. With a plethora of manufacturing units & offices all over the world, Sandvik has it’s Asia head office situated in Pune. DAccess deployed their best technology for Sandvik Asia, with products like Centralized Attendance, IP based CCTV surveillance, Key Management System, IP based public address, Boom Barrier with Authorized Vehicle Access, Fire Alarm System, & a Web based access control system.

Requirements from Sandvik Asia-Pan India

We approached Sandvik with a view to deliver the best technology for their premises, with thorough walkthroughs and understanding requirements from the company, we came to a conclusion that Sandvik required holistic solutions under one roof, & we were extremely successful in deploying all the services with full industry compliance & quality.

A brief description on Products that were deployed at Sandvik Asia- Pan India.

  • Centralized Attendance

An intuitive web-based attendance system or application delivered live data from the cloud (various offices or LAN based machines) equipped with attendance machines based on Face ID, Fingerprint, or Smart Card to a centralized server, the data from the centralized server cab be fetched by a head-office, wherein administrators can access and monitor day to day attendance activities like leave management, leave applications, shift management & more.

  • IP based CCTV surveillance

IP based surveillance systems were deployed at Sandvik due to technological advantages bearing high resolution, remote access flexibility, seamless integration with other hardware and software, lossless playback with redundant footage backup & more.

  • Key Management System

A digital key management system offers digital signing & cryptography to keep important keys safe and secure. Reduce risk, lower costs & comply with rules and regulations by using a single system to access keys for various departments.

  • Public Address System

The public-address system installed at Sandvik is a user-friendly system, that can be installed, operated and maintained in minutes. This system comprises of technology for general announcements, emergency evacuation procedures with voice evacuation. It is integrated with amplifiers, wall mounted speakers, system consoles & more. For fire safety, this system is integrated fire alarm systems for quick response & action during a fire breakout.

  • Boom Barrier with Authorized Vehicle Access

Our boom barrier technology delivers intelligent parking systems for drivers. It reduces congestion, as well as increases security with boom barrier technology for authorized vehicle access with ultra-high frequency reader. It also displays parking slots for stress-free parking in parking premises.

  • Fire Alarm System

A fire breakout is the greatest threat for any infrastructure & thus state-of-the-art-systems had to be installed at Sandvik Asia- Pan India. Our fire alarm system delivers a comprehensive suite of products like fire detectors, smoke detectors, hooters and more.This increases infrastructure security, & reduced the loss of property, damage, & keep human lives safe, and creates fast evacuation decisions during a fire emergency.

  • Web based Access Control System

Web based Access Controls Systems were installed at Sandvik Asia-Pan India as standalone access control systems doors and elevators. This system uses a door lock, that is integrated with RFID reader – maybe a fingerprint reading, facial recognition, palm recognition or Iris scanning.Data is sent from the router switch to a desktop, laptop or other devices to access & store data & identify individuals who enter their premises.

Sandvik’s Future with DAccess

With so many products delivered by DAccess to Sandvik, it is quite clear, there would be future business proposals and sale by DAccess to Sandvik, in the future.

Case study of Visitor Management and Canteen Management System for Rieter India Ltd.

Executive Summary

Rieter Contracted DAccess to improve its processes for Visitior Management in their textile, machine & systems enterprise. At the end of the deployment, the visitor management system instlled by DAcess created significant optimization in visitor profiling and canteen management to determine or forecast food prepration for their canteen.

Rieter's Dilemma

Rieter had too many visitors in its texttiles machinery manufacturing plant, be it clients from various industries & locations or guests coming in for meetings, audits, etc. the traditional visitor management system at their plant could not manage this inflow of people & thus created confusion for visitor tracking, appointments, reception preparation, canteen management & more.The task of deploying a state-of-the-art visitor management system by DAccess created systematic tracking of visitors with proper time management for meetings & more. Their system became more efficient in terms of company workforce focussing on core business ideas, rather than managing visitors.

Solution By DAccess

  • To resolve these problems, DAccess outlined the above issues and came up with a unique yet cost-effective solution.

  • It gave Rieter automation technology to capture & monitor various visitors in the system.

  • Depending on the purpose of the visitor in the organization, certainrules and polies were generated for that particular individual.

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Appointments were managed & filtered for systematic appointment flow

  • All unscheduled appointments had to be approved by the person of interest or the visitee.

  • Visitor true-count or head count was displayed on the console in real-time at all the security gates.

  • SMS and Email were used as trigger points to authenticate the appointment id for each visitor

  • Individuals or group of individuals or employees working on contract basis had all their details captured in the system based on a monthly or weekly basis

  • All employees based on contract had to get their in and out times in the database

  • Complete facility blocking for visitors or contractors performing illegal or incorrect activites on plant premises

  • All deployed processes are automated and no manual activity is allowed for greater insight and process integrity

  • Blocked visitors or contractors were segregated into a separate list for future reference

  • The system delivers performance across pan India network, & it is easy to implement and use

  • This comprehensive system is integrated with canteen management for seamless calculation of food requirements on a per day basis or weekly basis, this creates no wastage or deficit of food for visitors & generates appropriate canteen bills

  • Complete description and preparation for VIP guests needs to be documented & maintained throughout the system for further reference

  • Easy integration with company Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for master data tables

  • The system needs to handle at aleast 100 visitor gate pass entries per day

Rieter’s Future with DAccess

Daccess is working with Rieter to create modern solutions for all its plants in India. This will certainly create optimized business processes, cost savings on manual labour, & improve its efficiency on a global level. the improvements DAccess offered to Rieter India Ltd. delivered a significant technology advantage over its competition. Rieter has happily recommended DAccess to other industries for its
technology and services.

Case Study of Guard Patrolling System for Yardi Software India Pvt Ltd


Established in 1984, Yardi has grown dramatically over the last three decades to become the leading provider of high-performance software solutions for the real estate industry. Today, we employ over 6,000 dedicated professionals working in over 40 offices throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.
Since its founding, Yardi has set the standard for real estate software solutions with a combination of responsiveness and technical innovation. We understand the unique needs of the industry’s various segments and have the technical expertise and vision necessary to translate that understanding into powerful solutions that meet and exceed those needs.


Yardi has been honored with the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award recognizing the Best Places to Work in 2018. Yardi ranks No. 42 on the list of Top U.S. Large Companies list. The Employees’ Choice Awards program, now in its 10th year, relies solely on the input of employees who provide feedback on their jobs, work environments and companies via Glassdoor.

The Best Places to Work lists are determined using company reviews shared by U.S.-based employees. The final list is compiled based on Glassdoor’s proprietary algorithm, and considers quantity, quality and consistency of reviews.

Forbes Cloud 100

For the third year running, Yardi Systems has made the prestigious Forbes Cloud 100, a list of the private companies leading cloud computing. Inaugurated in October 2016, Forbes Inc. created the list in recognition that “cloud computing is transforming how companies do business”. Yardi debuted at number 27, the sole real estate software company alongside companies leading the way in IT security, data analytics, file sharing and more. Yardi Systems returned to the list in 2017 at #26, and continued to move up in 2018, now ranking #22.

This company was founded in 1984. As years passed on no. of employees increased. From 1 floor office / company they occupied complete building. They had some bad experiences before implementing guard tour system. Incident 1 – In washroom, once 1 employee plugged faulty dryer and it caused fire. Incident 2 – In AC remote PCB, fire was struck and it caused fire in duct. Because of these incidents employee’s life and Company’s property was at risk. As a precautionary method they appointed Fire Warden. But they found out that they were not doing their job properly. As a add-on security they installed Door Access Controlled System at possible locations to verify the patrolling through their IN- OUT Punches. But that didn’t helped as at few locations there was no door and yet it was not reliable. Finally they found new system called Guard Patrolling System which Daccess was providing. Now they are extremely satisfied with the system. As they can verify on 1 click their Guard’s duty and parallel their company’s security. In guard patrolling system, there is Hand Held Reader and Tags. Reader is with the security guard and tags are installed on walls around the compound and sensitive areas. At pre-decided time guard goes for patrolling in decided sequence. At every location he checks for any activity and punch the tag. Reader stores the data. At the time of report generation, data is downloaded and reports are generated. If any tag is missed it will be clearly shown in the reports.

Adventure Park Management for Sunny's World Pvt .LTD


Sunny’s World is a wonderful place spread over 100 acres near Pune. In which The Tiger’s Eye Adventure Park is situated. It could be the Asia’s Biggest Adventure Park till now. It consists of various amazing & thrilling sports.

Sunny’s World Dilemma

It’s been a long time problem for Sunny’s World to manage the crowed. Also the Adventure park data wasn’t proper & satisfactory to understand and evaluate. They were not able to find out the exact head count inside the premises. All the entries to the adventure park were taken manually. So it was a big headache for them to centralize the whole data & monitor everything.


  • To resolve these problems, DAccess outlined the above issues and came up with a unique yet cost-effective solution.
  • A centralized data system is offered by DAccess to monitor & operate the entire Adventure park activities.
  • To control the walk flow and to allow particular user through it a Tripod Turnstile solution is being offered.
  • Tripod’s network & Adventure Park Management Software is completely designed by DAccess. Tripod will be operated using the RFID wrist band.
  • User will show the wrist band on tripod and for validate user tripod will get open.
  • The communication between all tripods & software makes it easier to collect all the data also it ensure the money collection process.


  • Unique RFID Technology
  • High end Digital Solution
  •  Centralized Monitoring System
  •  Control over all activities
  •  Zero loop hole
  •  Panic Alarm System
  •  Easy to use software
  •  Various report generation
  • Control walk flow
  • Less man power
  • Limited personnel access
  • Secured database
  • High speed controllers
  • Exact Head count
  • Quality product assures good longevity
  •  Attractive Software UI