Cloud based attendance management system

A cloud based attendance management system let’s to bring the presence of this employee/student who's present on this day. Whilst the card was scanned, the important points such as identification number date, in time, out-time are stored inside the database. The database is going to be kept in to the blue cloud that can form a passionate connection between cloud and application via internet. With the in time and also out-time data stored in cloud, even the admin could calculate the working hours of their employees. The employees may view his individual details, presence, in time or out-time, total working hours once he logs to the computer system. This data is recovered from the cloud and will be obtained anytime by the employee and also the admin. The admin of this device may add new employee by enrolling for the newest employee and filling their enrollment details. The admin is licensed to see of the employees' records. This technique allows to maintain current list of the worker.

A Biometric Attendance System means ‘life measurement’, and it is mostly associated with security. Biometric identification has a broader relevance in terms of verification and identification of a human biometric sample.

At DAccess, we focus on deployment of biometric products for measurements of unique personal characteristics to verify a person’s identity in real time, with time-in and time-out features and rock-solid security with superior and reliable technology.

DAccess is a leading provider of biometric hardware and software systems with improved security, efficiency and high performance identity management. Our lineup of products include a Finger print vane detection based access control system, biometric based time and attendance system, EM locks, Finger print door locks and much more.
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