Labour Management System


A Labour Management System works on the principle of identifying labour personnel, wherein human interference is not required, and automated systems can easily identify labour personnel entering the premises. This platform tracks employee behavior in terms of monthly attendance, work time, and more. A well-deployed Labour Management System can cut organizational costs and improve workforce productivity through realtime monitoring of labour's against pre-defined rules and regulations.

Benefits Of LMS

  • Reduce Labour costs and increase efficiency
  • Improve associate moral
  • Appropriately plan your workload
  • Enable a self-directed work force

How does the system work?

  • Every labour personnel is provisioned with a badge that includes a photograph

  • Smart & Robust systems restrict and control high labour numbers per contractor

  • Regular attendance system through fingerprint identification or BARCODE Scans

  • Permission-denial system for labour personnel with lapsed badges

  • Instant authentication through photograph and finger-print identification

Application Screenshots


  • Contractor wise Man days & OT
  • Contractor Bill
  • Half Day / OT Reports
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Summary Muster
  • Monthly Working Time


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