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The influx of vehicles on the road seems to be increasing day by day, be it personal or business transportation. It is imperative that vehicles are tracked on a 24X7 basis, to protect the vehicle as well as the driver. From a commercial or business point of view, vehicles are a critical part of operations and have to be protected at all times. The network of Logistics and Transportation companies is complex, thus it is imperative for these business owners to install advanced Vehicle Tracking systems .

Vehicle Tracking Systems designed and developed by DAccess deliver live and real-time tracking solutions with accurate GPS tracking on highly detailed maps with Smart-phones, motion sensors , immobilization technology, SMS/Email Alerts, Route Deviation Alerts, Tracking Reports and other prominent features are present in this vehicle tracking system.

Key Features

  • GPS based tracking using vehicle tracking system
  • GPS based web enable information
  • User Security with unique user name and Password
  • Three Google maps views are available map/Satellite/Hybrid.
  • Easy Report Generation using vehicle tracking system.
  • Monthly data back Facility using vehicle tracking system
  • Inbuilt data storage facility in GPRS connectivity is not there.
  • Operated on 12VDC vehicle Battery.
  • vehicle tracking system measure speed and distance traveled
  • work using any GPRS service provider.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery in vehicle tracking system.
  • Generate SMS and send to control room after power cut and for any foul tempering of device or your vehicle.
  • Software security for secured configuration.

How It works


  • Productivity of your workers can be increased by reducing the tardiness of drivers with the help of vehicle tracking system
  • Helps you in recovering and locating the stolen vehicle
  • You can provide improved service to customers by providing them the accurate arrival timings.
  • This Vehicle tracking devices help you in the tracking the activities of the employees also.
  • Our Vehicle tracking systems provide you updated information for every 5 to 10 seconds

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